a little bit hipster


The hipster. Once upon a time, this mythical creature, dressed in plaid shirts, NHS style glasses and a beard, drinking artisanal coffee and listening to indie music was rarely spotted outside the confines of a design studio, film set or possibly a painfully cool Instagram feed. However, you can now walk into any design agency and spot one, two, three or even more. It's become a bit of an industry cliché and we felt it was time to address it.

What you may not know is that a true "hipster" would never identify themselves as such (labels? not cool) and for the last few years its been more widely used as a mainstream insult. So what happened? Chris Sanderson, futurologist and co-founder of trend forecasting agency The Future Laboratory, thinks it's simple: "The hipster died the minute we called him a hipster. The word no longer had the same meaning." But with the word still flying around, we think it's time to reclaim the hipster as something to be proud of.

Clichés tend to be founded on a kernel of truth and the hipster designer is no exception. Creatives are often identified with this social tag as we tend to like things that are well designed, long lasting and where everything is carefully considered, just like our work.  

So while we are not all hipsters at ifour, we are happy to admit that we may have one or two that bear a passing resemblance lurking in the design studio. We embrace our geeky glasses, love of a Mac and even an organic micro-roasted coffee every now and again. There's a little bit of hipster in all of us and we are proud!