All I want for Christmas is…


Yes, it’s that time of year again when the advertisers pull out all the stops to tell us what we really want for Christmas. John Lewis have a back log of old telescopes they want to shift, Marks and Spencers had a mishap in the factory – Prosecco crisps and brussel sprout bangers anyone? And Sainsbury's just wants us all to share. Ahhhhh!

Well, we’ve done a quick poll of the office and, needless to say, none of the above made the list. So, what do we really want for Christmas?  

First off, we have the techies

Nick, our Senior Designer, has put in a wish for a graphics pen and tablet set – could come in handy on the work front, so we won’t begrudge him that.

Next we have our Developer, Ryan, who is pushing things a little further by requesting a Make Smart Kit, which, according to the box, “can turn any object into an internet-connected device”.

Simon, our Lead Developer, is on a similar wavelength with his request for a makeymakey. By all accounts this is a little device that turns sprouts into electronic keyboards. You have to see it to believe it!  

We’re also going to stick Damon, our Brand Strategist, in this crazy boat. We think he’s found the secret stash of champers as he’d like a pair of glasses that enable him to have a personal, digital experience wherever he wants. Eat some cheese and take a nap – we say.

Next, we have a splash of sophistication

To be honest, we’re not sure if Dave, our Project Manger, has crossed the line between hipster kitsch and downright tacky with his request for a device that turns an Apple iMac G3 into an aquarium. But we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt in the hope he’s ‘ahead of the curve’ on this trend.

Then we have Léonie, ever classy and understated with her request for a Moleskin Livescribe notebook. You can see who brings the refinement into the office!

We think Jimmy may have won the lottery as he’d love to wake up to a Roy Harpaz vertical record player and Vitra Eames lounge chair and ottoman. These gifts aren’t cheap so we think he’ll be waiting a while.   

Thirdly, the idealists

Those shunning consumerism and opting for an altogether more experiential Christmas include Sam, who’d like health and happiness all year long – we’ll drink to that. And Fiona, who has requested a tropical beach. We’re hoping a postcard, a few gloating Facebook pics and a cocktail umbrella will do the trick as Claire, our Business Development Manager, is actually jetting off to Belize for a real tropical Christmas. Needless to say, we’ll all be ignoring her and her wonderful tan come January.

We’re also going to stick Chris, our Senior Designer, with this bunch. He simply wants The Force Awakens to live up to the hype. It may only be a little request but, as we all know, stuff we loved as kids were never ever the same in adulthood. 

Then we have Melissa who’d like a teal coloured pony with a unicorn horn and a pink tail. Yes – we may need to get Simon to distract her by playing tunes on his electronic sprouts!

Finally, the realists

Firstly, Tim, our ever-practical Finance Director, would like a new bike. Now, we know Santa has a cycle workshop so he could be in luck.

Last, but by no means least, we have our faithful leader, Graeme, who’d like a traditional German incense burner in the shape of a little man. OK – so we think it’s weird too, but, to be honest, it’s the only item on the list that’ll fit the Secret Santa budget!

So there we go! A little insight into the eclectic mix of folk who make ifour so wonderful. Our bet is, come the January sales, we’ll be snapping up cut-price telescopes and chomping on Prosecco crisps, to beat off the post-Christmas blues.