BBC Radio Kent News Review


As a regular now on BBC Radio Kent Claire was up again bright and early for the news review. This was a special day at BBC South East HQ as they were commemorating the 75th anniversary of the hardest day of the Battle of Britain as portrayed in the studio set up.

Claire scoured the broadsheets and tabloids for articles to discuss with breakfast presenters John and Erika.

Online Music

First article of the day was about how online music videos are to be given age ratings by the British Board of Film Classification to protect young from inappropriate content online, although the odd thing here is that it only applies to British artists and content, more on this story can be found here:

Who needs tooth whitener – just drink milk!

We all like a nice cuppa or two throughout the day but who knew that the proteins found in diary helps prevent staining from tannins and is claimed to be more effective than whitening toothpaste and as good as bleaching! More on this unbelievable story:

Tipsy travelling grannies

Scraping the proverbial barrel but who could resist this summer-time travel story. A survey claims women aged 65 and over are four times more likely to drink in excess of eight units of alcohol before boarding a flight than the average Brit, male or female. Click the link for more on this slightly unbelievable article, but it does go without saying – cheers!

Rise of the machines

This was a really interesting article in the Guardian Technology supplement that challenges people’s attitudes toward the on-going automation debate. Many will automatically assume that the rise of technology is taking jobs away from people but as this study shows, that is not the case.  Certainly in some sectors machines are taking on laborious and repetitive tasks but this is raising productivity and paving the way for humans to be more creative in other areas. Read on for more about this fascinating subject that actually looks at census data dating back to 1871.

Being too connected

An interesting look at how being too connected is ruining our attention spans. As more of us are connected 24/7 this appears to be having a detrimental effect on our ability to concentrate and hold information. This is a thought-provoking view on how we are actually using our technology, as we are seemingly becoming more and more dependent on our mobile devices to remember things. It seems now that our brains are busier than ever and are losing the ability to hold on to this important information.  The link here is a fascinating article by neuroscientist Daniel J Levitin that explains how our addiction to technology is making us less efficient.

How to boost your memory

As a perfect accompanimant to the above story Claire discusses what we can do to counteract the damaging effects that technology is having on our daily lives.

All the usual suspects are there plus a few surprising ones, we all know that we should exercise more, get more sleep, eat a balanced diet consisting of fruit and veg etc. but who knew that chocolate, red wine and diary could help too? We’ll take that thank you very much, now where were we…

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