Be sociable not overbearing


Too often you see companies taking the wrong approach with their social media marketing – rather than getting involved in communities and conversations they go steaming in there with repetitive updates that scream: “BUY MY STUFF”. They’ve also got poorly conceived and designed LinkedIn company pages, Facebook fan pages and Twitter profile pages, and increasingly Pinterest too, that really don’t give a good impression and are more likely to put people off than entice them to do business with them.

When you look at the results of recent research published in Marketing Week, which shows that just a minimal investment in doing social media right can deliver a good ROI, it seems mad to us that both B2C and B2B businesses aren’t bothering to take the time to make a good impression.

A good impression is not just about what you say – it’s also about how you look. If you’ve just flung together your social media pages with logos and images that don’t really fit then you can bet the first impression your prospective customers will get is one that screams slapdash. Not really going to fill them with confidence about your products and services is it?

Who’s doing it right?

Rather than looking at the plethora of bad examples out there, we thought we’d inspire you with some of the brands that are doing it right. So we trawled the web and came across this article on Social Media Today, which shows how doing it right is about how it looks as well as the updates that get posted. The brands they’ve chosen are:

1.    Glasgow Subway

2.    Sony Electronics

3.    Brewdog

4.    Sharpie

What you’ll notice about all of these is that their social media pages have a visual impact before you even get to read any of the content. To us, it really does seem to say that if you bother with your appearance, you’ll bother with your customers too.

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