Claire is going radio Gaga at BBC Radio Kent


Claire’s been at it again, with round two of the daily news review. 

This week the first session was discussing all things technical, pretty apt given her position at ifour. Starting with #BendGate a massive story in the news today, following the viral video that shows just how easy it is to bend the new phone. Maybe we should treat this incredible new device with a little more respect especially with a price tag of between £600-£800.
It’s not been a great few days for the tech giant Apple as her second story was about the IOS 8 operating system and how this was pulled just hours after going live. Being such a prominent and loved brand in today’s world, we really do hope that their luck turns around and we hear nothing but good things soon.
Article three was about wearable technology i.e. Google Glass and the Apple Watch, did you know that 8 million people in Britain currently own some kind of wearable technology and over 53% say it has had a positive affect on controlling their daily lives. The papers claim that by 2018 this will be mainstream in today’s society and will be an everyday occurrence within the workplace. 
In particular it was highlighted that the healthcare sector would hugely benefit by allowing surgeons to be hands free and for patients to be implanted or wear special clothes to monitor blood pressure and cardiac conditions.
Lastly it was all about the fascinating world of virtual reality, did you know that this phrase was coined by Jaron Lanier in the 1980’s. So while we were watching in awe sci fi films like Total Recall and The Matrix he was actually busy trying to make this happen in our lifetime. 
We are keeping a very close eye on this as it will soon become more real than we ever thought possible.