Claire strikes again at BBC Radio Kent for the news review


Claire braved the chilly early morning start for her fourth stint on the BBC Radio Kent news review, the first of 2015 and hopefully not the last.

First Story

First story of the day was in The Independent about the latest Facebook fad: Seven things you didn’t know about me high profile writers including Bonnie Greer and Arabella Weir were happy to oblige and share their unknown facts with the world, and since Claire has been nominated twice she will be offering hers soon too.


Second Story 

Next up and sticking with the technology theme, and a feature that was in most of the papers, was the report about how teenagers are losing sleep due to being constantly connected to their phones. It seems this is interfering with their nervous system and body clock cycles, more on this subject here:


Third story

Last up on the early slot was about a long overdue internet revolution for estate agents and how the whole sector needs to be bought up to the 21st century: just take a look at the travel and tourism industry and how this has changed over the years, now it just takes a couple of clicks to transport your sunny dreams into reality without the effort of lengthy phone calls and hours sat behind a travel agents desk.


Forth story 

Second slot of the morning and the subjects were of a more random nature, covering the heart warming chain of events around pensioner Alan Barnes and beautician Katie Cutler which saw an incredible £311,000 raised on social media channels Facebook and Twitter. This really highlights that news is no longer a static article on a page but a circulation phenomenon that has the opportunity to go viral and snowball out of anyone’s initial expectations:


Fifth story

Last two reviews and you can tell Claire was scraping the proverbial barrel of relevant stories touched on the Comic Relief’s Great British Bake Off with celebrity bigwigs such as Jonathan Ross, Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders taking part in technical challenges to win over Mary and Paul.


Last story 

Whilst last but not least it seems like the little pine nut is in for a hard time (pun intended), pesto fans get your stocks in now as bad weather and disease has seen a huge rise in costs and some supermarkets are putting anti theft devices next to their stash to ward away would be pine nut thief’s:

Listen to the whole thing here in two segments at 1:25 and 2:27
Over and out for now, next ifour BBC news review coming soon