Claire takes to the airwaves again at BBC Radio Kent


Now two years into the early morning news review our business development manager is a pro at scouring the papers for the first slot of the day at 7.25.  Always one to try and keep it on trend with a creative or digital slant it’s not always easy when the papers are filled Brexit, lipstick selfie and political rants. So with a deadline of just 20 minutes to come up with the first three this is what she discussed.

Guardian – Amazon test drone deliveries

Now is this just a PR opportunity or are we really getting closer to seeing our packages flying through the sky? Cleared by the Civil Aviation Authority Amazon have been granted permission to test in three areas although it did not say where? And they are limited to an altitude of 400ft and legislation highlights that they must not be flown within 50 metres of a person or building. Now this all seems a bit silly given that most residential areas are pretty built up and have communities living in them so what happens do we all have to head to the local rec to collect our packages or shall we stick with traditional post and have them delivered straight to our homes? Watch this space.

Telegraph – Marketing opportunities arise with Pokémon Go

This story discussed how businesses were luring customers to their stores by paying up to £100 per day on Pokémon characters. One burger restaurant in Covent Garden supposedly bought in an extra 2750 customers in a fortnight raising a whopping £70k in additional revenue.

Guardian – Keeping kids occupied in August

There was a glut of school holiday articles but this stood out as an ingenious idea created by a clever lady many moons ago. So the kids were bored and fed up at the end of a wet August so she suggested a ‘Feed yourself week’ they were given a budget and space in the fridge and had to plan and concoct their meals for the week. This was not only fun but also educational and on some occasion quite competitive. There was obviously a proviso that they could not live on sweets, crisps and ice cream much to their disgust.

Daily Express – Is your TV killing you?

The message here is that for every hour you sit watching TV you reduce your life by 22 minutes?!?! Apparently, it’s not just the inactivity but what you do whilst slobbing on the sofa i.e. eating crisps, drinking beer and general brain idleness that causes the harm. It suggests we keep active whilst sitting with either knitting or woodcarving? Clutching at straws with this one as I think were the tabloid that published it.

Daily Mirror – Fun in the Favela id taking pot shots at the rich

As the Olympic fever hits Brazil there are some seedy stories regarding kidnapping and murder with the most recent and public being that of Bernie Eccelstone’s Mother in Law being taken for a ransom of £23 million. They say ‘Life is Cheap’ in Brazilian cities, which is a scary concept given that they are about to take to the global stage with the biggest sporting event on earth.

Daily Mail – Kids spend half as long playing outside compared to their parents

The popularity of hi-tech video games means that youngsters are spending less time being creative outside playing traditional games like kite flying and den building.  Game of Thrones star Raleigh Ritchie is championing a campaign to go and be imaginative with a stick. He says it could be a sword, a magic wand or even a dragon bone “the possibilities are endless” he says. On top of this, the National Trust is keen to inspire families and kids ton get outdoors and start their story with nature.

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