Client Win CaseWare International


ifour are very pleased to announce a new transatlantic client win, CaseWare International. CaseWare is a market-leading supplier of accountancy software that is sold in over 130 countries.

As CaseWare International are based in Toronto in Canada, Graeme, Damon and Simon packed up their brightly coloured wheelie cases and jetted off for a week to meet the team and kick start the project. The remit for the week was to work with CaseWare’s leadership team to deliver strategic workshops for the Sales, marketing and Development teams to reposition the brand and gain a full understanding of their requirements for the project. It was an intense week, getting to grips with a sophisticated global B2B market that is undergoing enormous changes. 

But it wasn't all work. As the trio settled into the EDT time zone, they spent Sunday buying copious amounts of maple syrup and getting wet at Niagara Falls. And of course, the ifour owl was taken along for the adventure! They were also lucky enough to be taken by the CaseWare team to see Toronto's very own Blue Jays play Tampa Bay Rays, a fantastic experience.

With the return of Graeme, Simon and Damon (and some Canadian chocolate), the whole ifour team is now charged up and getting their teeth into the project, so watch this space to see the results!

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