Content is key - but only if it looks good


Inbound marketing is taking over and as both consumers and B2B buyers now research everything online before buying, content really is king – but it needs to look good.

Marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years and the old push marketing approach has been ousted and replaced by pull, or inbound, marketing, which is all about attracting online browsers to your company with your great content.

Everyone’s getting in on it, especially in the B2B world, and a 2012 survey revealed that marketers are using a wealth of content tactics to engage customers, including:

  • social media
  • eNewsletters
  • blogs
  • case studies
  • videos
  • micro sites
  • infographics
  • mobile content
  • digital magazines

Looking good

With so much content being created in order to make yours stand out it has to look good as well as saying the right things, while also helping your business to further establish its brand image and reputation and adding value for your customers and prospects.

Unfortunately, as the world has moved so rapidly online many marketers have rushed into creating social media company pages without any strategy guiding them, or branding in place to ensure they help achieve marketing objectives. Whatever impression you are looking to make with your content, a poorly thought out design for your company Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages is not going to give a good first one no matter how interesting that content might be. Here are some good examples of companies that got it right.

Short and sweet

Most people are time-poor so the content types that have really been taking off are the ones that are easy to digest and present information in bit-size chunks while still teaching people something they want to know. Behold – the rise of the infographic! The stats in this infographic show that the impact they are having is phenomenal with the number of people Googling them rising by almost 50% in 2012.

The number of marketers creating them is on the rise too as they are excellent for SEO and oh so sharable. While the information they impart obviously has to be good the design of infographics is really what their success rises and falls on. They have to:

  • be eye-catching
  • interweave the data and the creative design in a meaningful and logical way

This blog has some of the best infographics around, which go to show that no matter what business you are in they can be made to work for you.

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