Create Clever® - our way of looking at the world


At ifour we believe completely in the power of creativity to transform the fortunes of any venture. Whether it’s developing an identity for a new brand, revitalising a tired online presence, or launching a product into the market, everything can be made better by inventing new ways of looking at and engaging with it.

So, we believe in creativity. But not the kind of creativity that is only celebrated by other, ‘cool’ agencies. For us, excitement comes from making things for our clients that turn heads and change minds but which also deliver measurable value to the bottom line. To achieve this, we invest a lot up-front, understanding client organisations, their aspirations and their operating environments. We often say to clients, “if you can show your target audience that you ‘get’ them then you’ve got them.” And we take our advice seriously.

This is what is important to us. Blending smart insights with beautiful design and powerful, invisible technology to create communications that get results for our clients. Create Clever® is far more than a cheeky strapline or trademark, it’s our mission.