Crowdfunding: the way of the future


Crowdfunding. We hear the term bandied about all the time. With banks getting increasingly negative press coverage and more entrepreneurs making the jump to follow their dreams, crowdfunding can be far more flexible and less daunting way to take the next step for businesses of all sizes. It's so common place that it sounds like it should be easy to achieve investment, but is that all there is to it?

With more experienced investors than ever, entrepreneurs need to be savvy about how they present their products. We’ve all seen Dragons Den and cringed when a poorly-prepared presentation or product has garnered four loud “I’m outs!". If you take away the TV cameras, crowdfunding really isn’t any different.

How ifour can help

With this in mind, we created a short animation featuring our dinosaur Bob. Bob’s tale illustrates that you need more than a good idea. It's more important than ever to present your brand and offering in an engaging and thought-provoking way to win potential investors over. ifour can assist in a variety of ways but the essential toolkit that needs to be in place to woo the best investors will include:

• Corporate identity (Brand)
• Campaign strategy
• Campaign messaging and theme
• Website
• Pitch video
• Investor booklet (Share Offer Document)
• Advertising
• Social media
• Online communications

From the start, crowdfunding is about so much more than the money. It's the first opportunity to create brand ambassadors for your product and make the right impression from the get-go. Crowdfunding investors can be a knowledgeable source of advice, support and mentoring. They can also introduce fledgling businesses to established networks. These opportunities can be as valuable, if not more so, than the actual cash they invest. This is why it’s vital to impress from Day One to maximise these opportunities.

But, that's not all

Successfully raising your funds, as you will see from our video about Bob, isn’t the end of the story! Getting the right exposure for your brand through well-designed strategy, marketing collateral, social media campaigns and a website that offers your product to the world are the best ways to help your company grow. Each touch point that a potential customer or investor has with your business needs to show you in the best light. You can convert potential customers into brand advocates that help drive your business forward. At ifour, we don’t suggest something for the sake of it, but offer advice on what we can create to support your business dreams become reality.

No matter where you are on your crowdfunding journey, ifour have the strategists, designers and developers in house to help move your company on a step (or two!) and become an unstoppable force in your industry. Just imagine where the dinosaurs would be now if only they had crowd funded for a nice woolly jumper!

If you’d like to hear how ifour can help your venture through crowdfunding, why not call us on 01892 541111, email us at or pop in for a cuppa at our Tunbridge Wells design studio.