Curious Crowdfunding


Award winning English wine specialist Chapel Down have commissioned ifour for a second time to assist with developing their investor pitch offer before embarking on a new round of crowdfunding for their Curious Drinks brand.

To this day the Chapel Down initiative is still the worlds most successful crowdfunding to date raising a whopping £3.95 million in just 24 days, which set a world record for the largest and fastest crowdfund ever to take place.

Hoping for similar success is their brand ‘Curious Drinks’ who are looking to secure at least £1 million in funding to assist with creation of a new state of the art brewery and visitor attraction in Ashford, Kent.

Ifour have supported Chapel Down by offering creative services to develop their pitch offering in the form of a share offer document, offline media advertising and advertising in London Underground stations.  In addition to this we worked with them to create a series of icons to be used in both the video and ‘SOD’ document to communicate facts and figures that supported the brand and its journey to where it is today.

Graeme Hall, founder and Creative Director at ifour, said: “As Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way for startup businesses and more mature firms to raise money, we are keen to work with these organisations to help them frame their offer in a creative and engaging way to enable them the most success with their campaigns.” 

Crowd funding appears to have huge advantages. Not only is it a fast way to secure funds from interested investors but also a rare opportunity to create important brand ambassadors that are as passionate about the business as its owners. These brand ambassadors will positively spread the word about a company and, in some cases, can also offer mentoring, marketing and networking opportunities which can be priceless for your business.

We look forward to working closely with the leading platforms Seedrs and Crowdcube to offer our creative services to businesses that are looking to use crowdfunding as a way to finance and develop their companies.

For more information about our recent campaigns you can view the Fourex campaign here and Chapel Down

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