Do you know your onions? We do…


Imagine you’re at a supermarket. You need an onion a vital ingredient to make your signature dish. A few seem a little squidgy but then you spot the perfect specimen.

Imagine your horror when you slice through, said onion, only to realise it’s actually a lemon!

OK – we’re getting to the point!

Slicing through the brand

The word ‘brand’ is banded about a lot in the design world. When you say the word, people often think of a logo and the visual identity of a company. The thing about brand is that isn’t not just about the way you look. It’s about he way you speak, the way you behave and the culture of the organisation.

Here’s the onion link. Unless there’s consistency between the way you present yourself and the way you behave, you run the risk of being the lemon that looks like an onion! The result, people get confused about what you’re offering and they’ll no longer trust you.

The problem is, there are a lot of design agencies out there that just design. They create beautiful graphics that they place on letterheads without any consideration of whether or not the communication actually reflects the true culture, identity and brand of a company.

The best brands have an authentic identity, which is reflected throughout the organisation from the outside in and the inside out. However you peel back the skin or slice through the layers of management you see the brand reflected consistently. This all helps to build a strong identity, which customers trust and recognise.

Part of your DNA

Brands, in a sense, are like people; they’re complex. Some agencies shy away from complexity – here at ifour, we love it! Through our brand workshops we use a whole range of tools to understand your company and the market you’re working in. Think of us, if you will, like genetic scientists, unravelling the DNA of your company to see what really makes you tick!

Our senior team then uses that knowledge to sit alongside our web developers, designers and creative thinkers to ensure that your brand, in all its glory, is reflected in everything, and I mean absolutely everything, you produce. We’ll make sure that your communications look, sound and function in a way that reflects your brand.

Our friends at Sleeping Giant Media, recently invited us to join then on stage to talk a little more about our approach to branding, so we’re not the only ones who think our approach works.

Design vs branding agency?

So, are we a design or a branding agency? Do we design stuff? – Yes! Do we build technology? – Yes! Do we develop brands? – Yes! But the thing about ifour is that we don’t do any of these in isolation. We see them as part of the bigger picture of what our clients are trying to achieve.  Everyone talks about joined-up-thinking; we think it’s just plain old common sense and you read a little more about that here.

We’re techies, creatives, scientists, marketers, brand developers and innovators who love working together to help our clients develop strong identities and innovative solutions. In short, we love helping our clients to grow and we don’t think that needs a label! 

If you’d like a little bit of help getting to grips with branding, collateral design or technical requirements give us a call on 01892 541111 or send an e-mail to to touch base and start the ball rolling!