our expertise

We are an experienced team, meaning we have an excellent understanding of different industries and their processes. This wealth of knowledge helps us offer fresh perspectives that uncover the real issue at the heart of the matter. We offer inspired solutions, no matter what the problem.


Although your message may be simple and straightforward, getting it in front of the right people and inspiring them to take action rarely is. Our work is made up of four broad areas that we combine to create brand and marketing communications that turn heads and change minds.

  • marketing
  • campaigns
  • digital strategy
  • content strategy
  • internal communications
  • stakeholder engagement


"No one ever made a decision because of a number – they needed a story" We are all a beautiful, maddening combination of the rational and irrational. How and why we form allegiances to brands reflects this. At ifour, we create brand identities that embrace this elusive mix of head and heart and connect to audiences by telling powerful brand stories.

  • creation & refresh
  • strategy and positioning
  • discovery workshops
  • brand naming
  • launch & championing
  • toolkits & guidelines


Making a design pretty, striking or even eye-catchingly outrageous is simple. But really good design needs more than just visual fluency. At ifour, we balance qualitative and quantitative research, emotional insight and a strong creative eye to make designs that look good, work effortlessly and captivate your audiences.

  • website design
  • corporate comms
  • advertising
  • video & motion graphics
  • display graphics
  • information graphics


Our development team brings to life the creative, giving a fantastic user experience whilst ensuring it remains functional and performs technically. From the first day of your project, our developers work with our strategists and designers drilling into your brief, extracting your precise requirements.

  • website development
  • digital marketing
  • development consulting
  • eCommerce
  • mobile applications
  • user experience