Zig Zag

The truth is that none of us truly owns our brand. We are guardians but our brand is really just an idea; what people think of feel when they see or hear a name. However, we can identify and craft the moments of contact and interaction that shape those thoughts and feelings. We expertly work these levers of influence to bring our clients closer to their customers.


Do you know what your brand’s purpose is? Does your team? It’s easy to get lost in the hype of your own marketing. We help to peel away any ‘blah and fluff’ to get to the core of what your brand means for customers. Our objective is always to re-engineer your brand from one that reacts and copes with change to one that constantly adapts to and thrives on it.


How do you do what you do like no one else does? You may already know the answer but are you making the case persuasively and memorably to your audiences? We work with clients to pick out and hone singular, authentic features of their proposition that will engage and inspire loyalty.

target audiences

A brand’s proposition may be simple but the people it is trying to reach rarely are. Reaching complex and diverse audiences calls for a sophisticated understanding of who they are and their decision-making processes. We use quantitative and qualitative market research to develop personas that sharpen brands’ focus on their audience.

competition and market position

It’s hard to get to where you going if you aren’t sure where you are. Understanding and mapping a brand’s market position in relation to competitors is a critical strategic step. Our competitor analysis plots and scores points of difference and competitive advantage to help brands take the action necessary to up their game.