Zig Zag

Making a design pretty, striking or even eye-catchingly outrageous is simple. But really good design needs more than just visual fluency. At ifour, we balance qualitative and quantitative research, emotional insight and a strong creative eye to make designs that look good, work effortlessly and captivate your audiences.


We love a challenge and each brief is akin to a puzzle without the picture on the lid; to be deconstructed, carefully examined, researched and then, ultimately, solved without preconceived ideas. Understanding the wider context and what each project is looking to achieve gives us the insight to create durable, scalable designs, unique to your business.


Good design resonates on an emotional level, with a sense of familiarity and intrigue or innovation. It introduces the unfamiliar or challenging ideas painlessly. Designing with empathy delivers concepts that chime with your target audiences, function flawlessly and drive your business narrative forward.

Knowing the rules

Like any creative discipline, design has its own set of rules and visual languages in which our creatives are well versed. But good designs are not born of a mathematical equation. We use our in-depth knowledge of both form and function to know when to embrace the rules and when to bend them, break them or blow them out of the water.

Partnership approach

Our creative process is founded on research, understanding and communication. We develop long-standing relationships with our clients, and through iterations and communication, achieve designs that have their own rhythm that can then be amplified and scaled.