Zig Zag

Our development team brings to life the creative giving a fantastic user experience whilst ensuring it remains functional and performs technically. From the first day of your project, our developers work with our strategists and designers drilling into your brief, extracting your precise requirements. Baking in advanced analytical tracking, defined user journeys, micro-interactions and fully animated experiences we ensure your site drives conversions and gathers tangible insights and feedback whilst giving your users an amazing site experience.

What you see

Front end development gives life to creative concepts in the digital space and communicates with the back end to deliver the best user experience. We hand-build responsive templates to include only what needs to be there and to ensure your site is compatible with the platforms and browsers required. We use the latest standards (CSS3/ES6 JavaScript) to futureproof your digital space and maximise the life cycle.

What you don’t see

Back end development creates the functionality required to achieve your strategic goals. We recommend the best option for your needs from a selection of open source frameworks including WordPress, Bolt, Drupal and Laravel to simplify managing your site in the future. We can also implement headless solutions, CMS agnostic applications that free your content and integrate key digital systems including your CRM, accounts software and marketing automation systems for a joined up experience. PSR-2 standard PHP coding keeps the code base readable and easier to maintain.


Before your website or email is deployed we make sure it works the way you expect. Automated testing and build processes, internal and independent user testing all ensure cross browser appearance and functionality is exactly as discussed. Deploying your new website is seamless, with zero downtime strategies to minimise the impact for visitors.


Digital marketing can have consequences across your whole business and we support you throughout with SEO migration planning and ongoing consultancy (PPC & Organic). Once we’ve launched your website or email campaign you haven’t seen the back of us. We’re in it for the long-haul, whether that’s on-going maintenance or social media and email campaigns to support your wider marketing activities.