Zig Zag

Our Strategy team works closely with clients to develop precisely the right strategic direction. We develop scalable plans, geared to current resources but with sights firmly on hitting the next level for the brand, product or service.


The research phase provides understanding of the background and context to a brand or marketing strategy. We sift market information and insights to reduce brand and marketing complexities to the core drivers and factors that require decisions and action.


We help businesses appraise strategic options and create roadmaps for brands and marketing communications. We bring our research and broad experience to bear as well as our culture of always questioning assumptions. Discovery phase yields the aims, objectives and approach for the strategy.


Every brand, marketing or campaign strategy needs a Big Idea to breathe life into it. We excel in developing strategies with showstopping concepts that create impact in whichever channels they are implemented. This is also where return on investment and performance measures are developed to gauge effectiveness.


Even the best laid plans depend on well-conceived launch and implementation. We provide support in managing change through stakeholder engagement and internal communications to ensure that the strategy is being ‘lived’ by all the key players in the organisation.