Go mobile or get left behind


Everything changes rapidly in the world of digital marketing and this year’s rising star is mobile marketing. 

We’re not sure what device you’re reading this on but chances are high that it’s not a desktop computer as 2013 is the year that mobile is predicted to take over as the most popular way to get online, ahead of tablets and PCs. Originally, the prediction was that it would happen in 2015 but smartphone adoption driving mobile internet usage, has been much faster than everyone anticipated. 
Apparently, worldwide, there are more people that own a mobile phone than those that have toothbrushes! Whether that is actually true or not we don’t know but what we do know is that:
So with statistics like that, it seems like your business definitely needs a responsive website that will automatically adjust for mobile viewing or a mobile-optimised site – depending on the type of content you need to present. Because if it doesn’t and your customers don’t like what they see when they visit your site from their smartphone, then they’ll be going over to a competitor’s site where they do like what they see and can easily find the information they want. 
But it’s not just your website that needs to go mobile, your marketing does too.

Mobile marketing

Never has the goal of reaching the customer with the right message at the right time been so within reach for marketers. Mobile marketing means instant interaction, be it through email campaigns with mobile landing pages, apps, SMS, QR Codes or, in the ideal multi-channel marketing world, all of them combined.  
With the latest smartphones making it so easy to share content from mobiles, by creating content that looks good and has messages that really resonate you have the opportunity to really extend your brand reach if you get mobile marketing right. 
Remember, everything isn’t just happening in the digital world though as our blog explains: Why direct mail is no longer second class
So if you haven’t already got a mobile marketing strategy in place now really is the time to develop one. Before you get started though, check out these examples of the best mobile marketing campaigns to get some inspiration
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