Harnessing the power of multi-channel marketing


Successful marketing has always been greater than the sum of its parts, but with more channels than ever, it’s vital you make intelligent use of every one that’s relevant.

Multi-channel marketing has rightly been recognised as the most effective means to get results. A recent Forrester research report, The Multichannel Maturity Mandate, revealed that businesses which do it right see a: 
  • 15% reduction in the length of the sales cycle
  • 10% increase in campaign payback
  • 15% increase in impressions, customer satisfaction ratings and revenue coming directly from marketing activities

It’s all about the ‘S’ word …

Businesses that do multi-channel marketing well understand the value and centrality of strategy. After all, multi-channel marketing is about making sure your messages reach customers in all the places that matter to them, and reach them more than once. The more channels involved, the more this requires an excellent underlying strategy. Otherwise you’re just taking pot luck and hoping that one of your channels might reach your audience with something they might find interesting. 
An effective strategy is one that uses on and offline tactics to make your brand stand out from all the rest. The multi-channels that your marketing strategy should include are:
  • Company website
  • Events – on and offline
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Industry websites
  • Media
But simply using all the different channels is not enough. Your strategy needs to ensure that they all work together in an integrated and coherent way. Each channel needs to support the others with everything accurately and clearly branded so that brand awareness and trust grows as your business succeeds. 

It’s the ‘S’ word again

The role of social media in today’s marketing landscape should not be underestimated. Social media marketing can be used to promote everything you do both on and offline as well as starting discussions to get the answers you want about your customer’s wants and needs. MarketingProfs say that modern marketers should be doing right-time, multi-channel marketing and taking what they learn from social media conversations to deliver highly-personalised, well-designed campaigns that deliver the right offer, to the right buyer, at the right time, in the right place.
This means integrating the traditional channels, such as events, printed literature and direct mails, into your multi-channel plan too. Just make sure that they always point your audience to your digital channels as well. For example, you can post live social media updates from the event you attend to engage those customers and prospects that are not there, while also handing out printed literature containing your digital details to the people you meet at the event. The more options you give people to engage with your brand the more chance you have of getting the results you want from your marketing investments.

The ifour design agency approach to successful multi-channel marketing

Here are our four simple steps to how we can make your multi-channel marketing work most effectively for you:
  • The bigger picture – it begins with understanding you, your brand and your wider strategy: who you are, what you do, what you want to say, how you want to say it and why it matters. 
  • Audience participation – next we accurately identify your audience, along with their wants and needs, so your content and messaging always hits the sweet spot.
  • Channel mapping – we then use our hugely experienced strategic marketing team to identify which channels will most effectively meet your needs in reaching your target audience. 
  • Strategy development – only then do we pull all of this together in the form of a comprehensive personalised strategy, underpinned by our renowned creative design intelligence. 
The next course of action you really MUST do is to take up our offer of a no cost, no obligation meeting to discuss your multi-channel marketing requirements. Just give us a call on 01892 541111, email us at hello@ifour.co.uk or visit our design agency studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.