Hover Boards and Light Sabers


As today has officially been dubbed “Back to the Future” day (the date Marty McFly heads forward to in Back to the Future II) we’ve heard a lot of people asking where their hover board is. While some clever bods have created one, inspired by the film, we got to thinking what is the one item from a film you would like to have in real life? Here’s some thoughts from team ifour:

Graeme: Creative Director

The remote control from Click. Dreadful film but the power to fast forward, rewind and pause time would be fun.

Fiona: Senior Designer

Mary Poppins handbag. So everything I ever needed would be available wherever I was. You never know when you need a Victorian standard lamp after all….

Léonie: Project Manager

Iron Man’s suit and JARVIS please because I’m not sure one would work without the other. A solution to transport issues, a virtual butler and killer sound system rolled into one!

Ryan: Developer

The Back to the Future hover board. C’mon, it cool afterall.

Simon: Senior Developer

A towel, 3 pints of Bitter and two packets of peanuts, available at the salient moment,  to survive an impending Vogon demolition squad like in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

David: Project Manager

The Talkboy from Home Alone II. Who doesn’t want to ruin your brothers love life?

Wayne: Senior Developer

The computer the kids in Weird Science use to create a perfect woman. If it can create the perfect woman, what else could you make?

Melissa: Senior Designer

The Zoltar machine from the film Big so I could grow to reach the top cupboards in the kitchen whenever I needed

Nick: Senior Designer

The Death Star from Star Wars, so I could take over the universe and find out what was going on in the canteen.

Sam: Credit Controller

Light saber obviously! In red. Mainly because its cool, but also you *could* cut bread and toast it at the same I think…

Claire: Business Development Manager

A wand from one of the Harry Potter films, but the right one for me, so I could use it. Then I really could just wave a magic wand!

James: Senior Designer

James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger as it’s the most fantastic car AND had all the toys. Or maybe the Lotus Esprit from For Your Eyes Only as you never know when you might need a submarine.

Chris: Senior Designer

A blue light saber, none of this dark side stuff for me, because, well, it’s the best thing ever, right?


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