How topical content can boost your business


This summer we’ve got the European Cup, the Rio Olympics and Andy Murray’s annual battle to get his hands on the Wimbledon trophy. As the nation unites in hopeless anticipation and inevitable disappointment, it’s an incredible opportunity for brands to tap into the national psyche.

Linking your campaigns to current events helps show that you’re relevant, get your products out there and generally build your brand. But it’s not just a case of ‘jumping on the executive, air-conditioned band wagon.’ You’ve got to make sure whatever gem of a contribution you bring to the party has relevance to your customers, your product and the actual event itself. Otherwise you’ll be like David Cameron rocking up to Glastonbury trying to flog spam sandwiches. 

Wimbledon is here! – time to crack open the strawberries,
stock up on cream and remortgage your house!

First, think about your customers. This year we’ve got the European Cup, the Queen’s ‘official’ birthday and national Talk Like a Pirate Day to look forward to. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to have a campaign that’s linked to it.

You’ve got to select those that are most relevant for your customers. If you’re not sure, do it a bit of research. Any time spent getting to know your customers is time well spent, in our opinion. And remember, even though you’re counting down the hours until France kick off against Romania on 10 June, your customers might not be. So keep it relevant to them.

It’s the Queen’s birthday – what better time to think about a pension!

If you’ve spotted an area of common interest- great! But you’ve got to keep your content relevant to your product and to the event itself. If the link is so tenuous it takes you a page of content to explain it – it’s probably not worth pursuing.

In the lead up to the 2010 World Cup, The Health at Work Advice Line sought to plug in to ‘footy fever’ by encouraging employers to imagine how different the 1966 World Cup would have been if Geoff Hurst had had a stomach bug and called in sick.

In one sweeping statement they successfully shattered the image of a national treasure and poured a whole load of cold water over the nations excitement. Well done guys!

Unless you’re going for the ‘I’m so ironic it hurts’ angle – and that’s a tough one to pull off for even the most hipster of brands – best save your content for a global event that sits more comfortably with who you are and what you’re all about.

The trick is to think about the emotions that will be high around a particular event and tap into them. Think of your campaign as a bridge to help your customers be a part of whatever global phenomenon is happening. On the flip side, that hypothetical bridge is also a great way to reach out to new customers who are enjoying that global party and invite them to yours.

Did I miss the party?

Timing is obviously everything. If you wait until England has been unceremoniously knocked out in the quarterfinals before you launch your ‘Make us Proud’ campaign, you’ll look like Del and Rodney storming into a wake dressed like Batman and Robin.

But even disappointment can be an opportunity to start conversations. In 2013, the Super Bowl experienced a 34 minutes black out. As the world’s largest global broadcast was plunged into complete darkness, millions of viewers jumped on social media to vent their anger. Savvy advertisers also jumped on to vent their products.

Oreo’s ‘You can still dunk in the dark’, Walgreens’ ‘We do carry candles’ and the more thought provoking ‘Half a billion people in Africa NEVER have power’ from the One Campaign, gained a lot of attention thanks to the electrical blunder.

The tweets were relevant, so they worked! As a general rule of thumb if there’s a national event coming up that has relevance to your customers, your product and your brand  – you might be on to a winner.

Get some advice

We’re currently helping one of our clients tap into the buzz of the Euros by developing a ‘keepy uppy’ footy game they can share on mobile devices. It’s footy-based, so relevant; fun – like our client; competitive – like many of their customers and easy to share – helping them reach new customers.

We do realise that the world doesn’t revolve around sport, so if you’re looking to develop campaigns that have relevance throughout the year, give us a call on 01892 541111 or e-mail