ifour a learning experience


We've been lucky enough this week to be 'graced' with the presence of the lovely Grace Castle, who has joined us for work experience. As her week comes to a finish, she reflects on her time with us.

Day One

On Monday 18th of July, I began my week’s work experience at ifour design agency. Having never worked in an office environment, only ever having done babysitting and pot washing at a cafe, and knowing very little about design agencies, I think it is fair to say I started my week pretty inexperienced. At 9:55am I approached the ifour office suddenly feeling very young and completely in the unknown, unsure of what I would find behind the bright yellow blinds of Royal Victoria House.

I opened the office door and my eyes were drawn to the explosion of colour I found in front of me. The walls of the office were made up of yellow, white and black, decorated in designs I instantly recognised from their website. I was greeted by Léonie, who firstly introduced me to Graeme and Claire and then to the rest of the team. Léonie and Claire then went on to give me a presentation about ifour and what their agency has to offer its clients. I learnt about the importance of collateral, branding, digital and strategy & marketing. I was shown the ifour portfolio and skimmed through all the businesses they have worked with.

I spent the rest of the day shadowing members of the team, including Fiona, Léonie, Ryan and Simon. Each of them taught me something different; the reason behind rebranding, the designing of logos, the coding behind every website, and the process ifour and clients go through to get to the client’s needs. What I found was that each member of the ifour team plays a vital part in the operation in order to keep everything running smoothly. Each person works hard on their own thing but offers help to those who need it, there is no room for error.

My first time on a mac

My job for the next few days, among other tasks, was to organise client photos from previous and ongoing projects using a Mac computer. This was a completely new experience as I have never used an apple mac in my life. However with some guidance, instruction (and of course learning from a few mistakes), I quickly caught on.

The big challenge

Graeme approached me midweek, giving me the challenge to come up with ideas for a quirky animation to go with one of the websites he was working on. It was frustrating but a lot of fun, and after lots of scribbling down ideas and sketches, we came up with our final idea. This made me realise how hard it can be to come up with something that seems so small and simple but is actually really complex as it needs to interest the reader and fit in with the other pieces of the website.


At the end of the week Léonie briefed Eva, ifour's summer intern, and myself on a CSR (corporate social responsibilities) project for a local charity. We had to come up with a number of creative ways to involve ifour with this charity as a marketing tool. This really got us thinking and together we came up with some great ideas in order to build a relationship between ifour and the charity. We then had to present this to Léonie, Graeme and Claire.

During my week at ifour, the team provided me with friendly smiles and a constant offering of tea, as well as a great deal of knowledge for me to take away with me.

Thank you ifour!