Ifour gets our skates on!


We’ve been busy with some fantastic projects, but as we all know, all work and no play (even when work feels like playing) makes for some dull boys and girls. So big boss Graeme decided it was time for us to get our skates on and get out on the ice, courtesy of Tunbridge Wells’ very own seasonal open-air ice rink in Calverley Park.


We were very lucky weather-wise and while it was sunny, there was a definite nip in the air, making it feel that much more Christmassy. We grabbed our skates and took to the ice with some trepidation in our ranks. As it turns out, we have a couple of surprisingly good skaters in the team (hello Gold at the next Winter Olympics?) Meanwhile, those of us less blessed with balance on the ice had the exciting challenge of dodging the primary school party we shared the session with but luckily the kids were mainly scooting about on the back of bright orange plastic seals, making them suitably slow moving and easy to avoid. With more than a few pirouettes (not always intentional), a little showing off (skating backwards, James, we’re looking at you!), only a couple of bruises and no broken bones, we were all ravenous and more than ready for our Christmas lunch. 


Due to “Santa” failing to remember one of the secret Santa gifts, the present exchange was delayed until the end of the long lunch and we made the most of a long relaxed meal to catch up, tell bad cracker jokes and generally enjoy the chance to hang out as a team while not brainstorming or discussing our next project. However that’s not to say that the ideas weren’t still popping up, even off duty you can’t stop the creative flow! 


When we had finally finished our lunch we headed back to the studio where “Santa” had very kindly left an array of ‘under a fiver’ presents, including a remote control helicopter, classic 80s films, hot sauce and a make-your-own-zombie-movie kit. Anyone would think that Santa knew us all very well! So while this year’s Christmas event was possibly a little more composed than many going on this year, everyone on the team commented they had really enjoyed the chance to chill out.