ifour launch new kinetic typography video for Spendvision


ifour are excited to be able to share our latest kinetic typography video in our online portfolio. Spendvision is a global technology services company. They offer a platform which has helped leading banks, financial organisations, corporates and governments improve their transaction management and they handle over 100 million transactions annually for users in nearly 130 countries.

To view the video on our portfolio, click here.

Spendvision tasked ifour to design and produce a corporate video that would be used for various functions such as presentations, exhibitions and pitches, where presenting the corporate messages in a clear, quick and engaging way is vital. They also requested we use their existing brand, but gave free reign to develop the brand assets further as part of the project.

Developing the key corporate messages into a cohesive script and taking the existing Spendvision brand assets as a starting point, we used a combination of cityscape photography, video, graphical elements, music and kinetic typography to create a powerful addition to the Spendvision corporate collateral set. 

The video was designed to have natural break points, enabling shorter sections for specific uses to be edited (introducing the company and introducing their platform) as well as intro and outro stingers that can be used to bracket other videos and presentations. These additional options create a wider variety of usage as well as offering a tool to create consistency across the brand and the possibility of an increased RoI on a single design project thanks to a carefully planned script and storyboard at concept stage.

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