Kent on Sunday feature on branding


This week's Kent on Sunday includes an article written by our own Graeme Hall on the importance of reviewing your branding needs as your business grows and changes. In the article, Graeme outlines the need to keep your brand feeling loved and up to date:

Brands are like cars – shiny when new – but they soon start to show their age. Unloved brands can ultimately let you down when you need them most, leaving you stranded on the hard shoulder while your competitors whizz past.
Some believe that once a brand is in place, recognised and has secured a positive reputation, all the work is done and they can leave it alone. However, as you grow and change, your company can improve its customer relationships and profitability with a brand revamp, and it should be seriously considered. Don’t assume your brand image is always right.
As times change, so should your public face. This will give you an advantage over more staid competitors. This is also important when considering the changes made to your company. What was right when you started out as a small business most likely won’t be once you’re larger and more successful – rebrands can reflect your expansion and emphasise where you are now. They can also stimulate expansion. As your services and products grow, a rebrand can ensure they have a one-company feel while maintaining their individuality – perhaps helping inspire new directions to investigate. The technology sector is most well known for its rapid innovation and change, but in our fast-paced world no one can afford to dawdle. Ask yourself: can your brand keep up?
It’s worth remembering your brand isn’t just your logo, it’s everything you do: brochures, website, newsletters or exhibition stands. Updating your brand doesn’t necessarily mean changing your logo.
Once the need for a rebrand has been agreed, you need to make it happen – there is a lot to be done before you even get to the design stage, but with a little preparation you can ensure your new brand is a success. Begin with people. Not just your marketing and PR team, but anyone who will add value. Once they have been selected, work begins on an identity for the current business and what you want the new brand to say about it. You should consider all the elements that make your business what it is: from core identity and product/service to brand promise. Do you have a positioning statement? Does the brand have a personality to be reflected? These and many other questions dependent on your business will help you to build a clearer picture. While certain people will take charge of this process, it’s also vital you involve the business as a whole in the rebrand. After all, they are the ones who will have to deliver on the promises your updated identity makes. Don’t be shy of asking them for ideas. There is much to be gained from a well-considered rebrand.

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