'Naughty' Hare and the Bear animation has over 10,000 views


If you haven't caught our animations yet, you can watch them by clicking here.

At the end of last year, ifour set ourselves a challenge; instead of giving clients, suppliers and friends cards and gifts, we attempted our own version of the heart wrenchingly feel good stop motion animation on a budget of £20. We donated our usual Christmas gift budget to Tunbridge Wells Winter Shelter and knuckled down to beg, borrow and charity shop for props and leading characters. As part of the creative process the question arose about how we would feel being so rudely awoken (without a coffee at the very least) and thus, our alternative ‘Naughty’ ending was born.

We put both videos (along with a quick ‘behind the scenes’ making-of film) up our Youtube channel and sent out a newsletter to clients and suppliers so they could choose which ending they wanted to watch and before we knew it, the videos had gone viral, with the ‘Naughty’ ending being by far the most popular with over 10,000 views, compared to just over 4,500 views of the ‘Nice’ ending.

So despite the fact we managed to keep to our tight budget (coming in at just £15.91) on the production and relied on the variety of skills available within the ifour team, we proved you really don’t need a hefty budget to remind people what Christmas is all about, just a bear that will most definitely have been on the Naughty list!

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