New ifour A boards: CSS Funnies


It's that time of the year, British Summer Time starts, the sun finally shines and the folk of Tunbridge Wells are treated to a few giggles courtesy of the latest ifour A board posters.

We quite often focus on design based based humour as the designers do out weigh the developers in-house, but for a change we thought we'd go with some CSS code based humour. The best bit is that you don't really have to understand code to find them funny, although if you don't find these commands scary, maybe a career in coding is the way forward?

As every husband knows, wives usually know best and we all know what the margin of error tends to be, whilst every Tolkien fan will appreciate the dimensions for Hobbits! If you know of any other amusing CSS jokes, do feel free to share them, we love seeing the developers chuckle.