New ifour A Boards: Language Matters


Here at ifour design agency, we believe in communicating visually. While a picture can be worth a thousand words, that doesn't mean we ignore the written language. This is all the more important as international business becomes easier and the world gets a little smaller.

We've all heard tales of companies that have missed an apostrophe or let a comma slide and the unintended consequences. Making sure copy is correctly punctated (commas really aren't that scary) and using the correct characters to include accents and glyphs can make all the difference in written communications (and avoid unexpected results). We don't have many glyphs in the English language but implementing these correctly really is as essential as checking the spelling to ensure your meaning is understood, both at home and abroad!

So why not share your tales of life-saving punctuation or making sure your message has the right accent, tweet us or tell us about it on Facebook #LanguageMatters