New ifour A boards: so far in 2016


Anyone who has been driving past or visiting our studio of late may have noticed some of our new, exciting ifour A boards! As regular commuters into Tunbridge Wells may have noted, we continued our love of Star Wars into the new year but added our own ifour ingenuity.

With some hardcore Apple fans in the design studio, the famous Alec Guiness line takes on a new modern twist following some heated debates over Android vs Apple operating systems (we all have our favourites!). Our second A board of the year saluted tapes as the father of the MP3 player. Is it just us or does Vader's voice seem strangely appropriate coming from a cassette tape? 

We continue the tech theme for 2016 with some keyboard fun. Whilst most of us use keyboards on a regular basis now, we probably don't consider exactly what it is some of the keys are meant to do. For example, do we really need the F keys? Does anyone actually have the vaguest idea what F6 is for? We'd love to help that little guy fufill his destiny!

And lastly as we work our way through the darkes days of not quite Winter, not yet Spring, we have the answer to one of life's great questions. Have you ever wondered about the "keys to happiness"? Think no further because we've solved that mystery for you :) 

Here at ifour, we love thinking, talking and doing great design, so if our A boards have tickled your fancy, give us a call on 01892 541111 or send an e-mail to [email protected]to see how we can help you create something that makes your customers take note.