New ifour interior branding


So, it's been a while since we updated our ifour branding and rolled it out across our site. Behind the scenes, as well as client work, we have been busy turning those quirky illustrations (that you can find throughout our services pages here and our process page here) into wall vinyls for specific areas of our studio here in Tunbridge Wells. From the moment you walk through our blazing yellow front door, you are knocked off your socks by a riot of black and yellow. As you look closer you see bubbling brews, cuckoos, caged cats, high fives, icebergs, brainstorms and Alice in ipadland. Simple white walls and vintage-inspired furniture allow the branding to speak for itself.

We've refreshed our studio into an even more inspiring workplace for our team and created a real brand buzz with our visiting clients.

If you are in need of updating your workplace interior, remember it can be simple, yet effective design that can make the most impact. Designs can be temporary for certain events and short-terms lets or made into more permanent fixtures.

If you’d like to find out who we can help work in a more creative and on-brand environment give us a call on 01892 541111, email us at or visit our design agency studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.