Our Business Development Manager Claire is featured on The Drum


As proactive Elite members of The Drum Network we were asked to share our thoughts and opinions on their latest Vox Pop discussing the battle of intelligence; AI vs. the human mind.

Great topic, as a regular on BBC Radio Kent I actually covered this subject in my news review slot last summer. Without delving deeper into the subject I can see why people would get paranoid about how humanity is at threat with the rise of automated devices and machines that will take over our jobs.

Staying on the job perspective, further investigation by economists at Deloitte, reveal that technology has actually created more jobs than it has destroyed. 

This sheds new light on the relationship between jobs and the rise of technology by trawling through census data going back to 1871, the conclusion is that technology has actually been a great job-creating machine.

Agreed, machines will take on more repetitive and laborious tasks but as the study highlights they seem no closer to eliminating the need for human labour than at any time in the last 150 years.

So while Cortana and Siri claim to be your very own personal assistant at hand 24/7 to answer even the most obscure questions, for now at least there is still a need for real people to communicate with each other, even if that is in your driverless car whilst on chatting away on their smart devices.