Our strategist Damon is featured on The Drum


As proactive Elite members of The Drum Network we were asked to share our thoughts and opinions on their latest Vox Pop discussing the marketing demographic term ‘millennial’.

Have we reached ‘peak millennial’? At a recent Drum breakfast event, James Whateley, digital director at Ogilvy, stated that we have reached ‘peak millennial’ and advertisers need to stop homogenising audiences and find a real truth or insight that will reach the next hyper-socially connected next generation. 

Along with other top industry professionals our brand and marketing strategist Damon McCollin-Moore discusses his views on this frankly irritating marketing jargon.

A full copy of the article can be found here

Damon comments: The Lost Generation, the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, millennials and now Generation Z. At best, these labels reflect genuine efforts to pin down ‘truths’ and insights about a huge number of individuals who happen to be born at roughly the same time. At worst, the categorisation can be a bit of a lazy way that we marketers justify our existence or excuse trotting out mediocre, ‘by-the-numbers’ strategies.

The truth is, if there is a set of unifying characteristics to each ‘generation’ they are likely to just be responses to the situations in which they find themselves. I’m a Gen X-er and even though I give them a hard time about it, I know that the only reason I read more books when I was my kids’ age is because I was stuck with just four channels and no YouTube.

In contrast, Generation Z is immersed in always-on, infinite information and still only 24 hours a day in which to experience it. But they (and their attention spans) have adapted accordingly.

The way we consume media is mere set dressing and far less important a factor in determining what we like and what we might want to buy than the unique details of our personal life experiences, and the universal characteristics of being human – emotion, hope, conflict, aspiration. So, yes, knowing the product you’re selling and understanding how to reach your target audience are incredibly important but they don’t count as much as having a really good story to tell.

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