Our work experience Eva bids a fond farewell to ifour


So my time at ifour has unfortunately come to an end after a month of early morning train rides and cheerful “goodbyes” at the end of each day, meaning it’s time for a little summary of my exciting summer internship at Royal Victoria House.

Nervous is an understatement of how I was feeling on my first Thursday at ifour, with the summer ahead of me in the office a daunting prospect I steeled myself for what may lay ahead. In retrospect I laugh at how anxious I was on that fateful day, the whole of the ifour team have been so welcoming and approachable that I couldn’t have asked for a nicer group of people to be working alongside.

There have been some challenging moments as I’ve gotten accustomed to working in an office environment but as I’ve moved past these worries I’ve found myself becoming more and more confident in my ability to do what is asked of me, which has definitely been varied!

My main projects during my time in the office have been with Léonie and ifour’s blog, when I was first asked to write an article on the latest craze Pokémon Go, I was beyond terrified. Although being an A level English Literature student, the thought of writing an article that would be published for all eyes to see was a very scary prospect. With the good reaction I received from that first blog post I became more comfortable when asked later on to write more- with one even being published on The Drum’s website! This experience taught me the importance of challenging yourself, you may be surprised with how much you thrive when trying new things and enjoy yourself.

The creativity of ifour is evident wherever you look when you’re in the office, with its vibrant pops of yellow and distinctive designs, it’s definitely not what I was expecting and I’ve been spoilt with my first work experience taking place in such a cool building. This creativity can also be seen in the talented team, who work together brilliantly to produce such fun and interesting projects. I’ve loved learning about all of ifour’s clients and the process behind their assignments, I’m amazed at the detail and care the team put into everything they do.

I was lucky enough to spend some time working in business development manager Claire’s office after she asked for me to do some research using her laptop. This of course sparked a few jokes from the rest of the team but allowed for me to experience working in a different type of office environment. This research involved me inputting data of potential clients into ifour’s online database. Though slightly tedious, by the end of this task I felt I had accomplished a lot and was pleased that I had helped with an essential task that would benefit the business.

I would like to say a big thank you to Creative Director and founder, Graeme for allowing me to have this opportunity which I’ve learnt so much from. And also to Léonie and Claire for their guidance and the rest of their team for their constant amusement and friendliness.