Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 launch


It was an invitation we literally couldn’t refuse. The kind folk at Pantone invited us to the colour trend seminar, and the unveiling of the new colour trend of 2017. Following 2016’s muted selection of Serenity and Rose Quartz, we were eager to see if things would be a little brighter for the coming year. Spoiler alert, it’s safe to say it certainly will be!

The Colour Futures Book

The afternoon commenced with a fascinating talk from keynote speaker Caroline Till of Franklin Till. Caroline is one of the leading design commentators and has partnered with View Publications on the first Viewpoint Colour book. She addressed how and why we need a publication that is solely dedicated to colour in compelling terms.

For example: Did you know that colour is one of the single most powerful communication tools, and that it influences 50% to 80% of ideas and product purchase decisions? With 80% of human experiences filtered through our eyes, nothing gets the message across better than thoughtful use of colour.

For designers and marketers alike, information like this will hit home, forming a key part of why intelligent design is so vital for successful branding, campaigns and collateral. just one of the reasons this book on the importance of colour should be obligatory reading.

Caroline also shared with us some of the new trends that we will be seeing more of in future years, and we warn you some of these are a little weird:

The New Natural World

As we know humans are the masters of adaptation that are able to react to changing and challenging circumstances.  Given the evolution in our neo-natural world, we are seeing new ways in which to maximise and enhance our relationship with nature. Today’s consumer has wised up to the detrimental effects of humanity on our planet and has grasped that sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a serious responsibility for both individuals and corporations.

As designers and consumers come to realise that the world’s resources are limited, radical entrepreneurs and visionaries look at new ideas for this growing issue and here are some of their suggested solutions:

·      Living interiors

·      Living walls

·      Urban plant filled spaces

·      Alternative farming using human hair, excrement and dust

·      Design reclamation

·      Remastering waste

It’s a truly fascinating subject and we’d recommend getting your hands on a copy of Viewpoint Colour if you can, to learn more.

The Colour of 2017

Following on from Caroline’s talk, the eagerly awaited moment came when the Pantone Marketing Director announced the new colour. Given the future trends presentation as touched on above, it was very apt.

Pantone 15 -0343


Symbolising our growing desire to disconnect and replenish: to nourish and energise our minds and bodies by reconnecting with nature.

Greenery signals us to take a deep breath and oxygenate, leaving us regenerated and revitalised.

A life-affirming colour symbolic of rebirth, regrowth and regeneration and the renewal of life.

Greenery gives us confidence to pursue our personal passions and express, explore and experiment.

Lastly it expresses a yearning to reinvent; to take bold steps and live life on your own terms, redefining what makes us feel successful and happy.

If Pantone promises this to the world then who are we to argue? This year’s choice is bright, colourful and speaks of new beginnings. As we all burst forth in 2017 following what can only be described as a turbulent year, Pantone are clearly aiming to provide us with reassurance amongst the complex social and political landscape, reconnecting us with nature and one another.