Plan for the break in the clouds


It is a fact that for the vast majority of businesses, spend will be reduced for now. Marketing activity will be paused as budgets are locked down. When livelihoods and salaries are on the line, every penny spent must be examined (there’s a loo roll gag in there somewhere, but it’s probably too soon).

Planning for the future

This halting of spending is inevitable and sometimes sensible (although I urge you to read Jess’ article here). The short term priority, as a business, has to be to make enough to survive this. 

But during this quiet time, there is an opportunity to take a step back, review what we have been doing, and start to put sidelined plans in action. As Leonie says in her article (here), let’s play the long game. Now is the time to plan for our future, post-COVID-19.

And this, we believe, is where your content strategy comes in.

Use this time to lay the foundations of a rich hub of content. One that supports your business and drives revenue, cost-effectively. 

If short-term, high-spend marketing steps back, pull long-term, low-spend SEO content to the fore of your efforts. 

Creating content that matters to your customers takes time. It’s hard work. It also takes time to bed in, be crawled by search engines and build traction. Creating high-value content is rarely a quick-win opportunity. So use this rare time of lightened workloads to research, plan and begin writing a schedule of content that will help your bottom line in the future. It’ll also add depth and strength to your overall marketing strategy. 

Long term: get your house in order.

Create your content strategy, your schedule, your production process. And start writing. Even if you leave it a few weeks to post new articles, start to review your website content. Dust off your analytics report and see how your content has been delivering for you over the past year. 

Lay the foundations. The brands that help their customers and prospects now, with timely, informative, relevant or entertaining messaging, will profit from their patronage long after COVID-19. And to ensure you will be in the right place at the right time, invest in a long-term strategy to complement your short-term strategy. The goal is to be there and to continue adding value. 

Marketing helps drive our economy. So let’s be ready to help boost it when people start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and normality returns.

An optimised SEO content strategy could be the thing that helps you stay one step ahead of your competitors when consumer confidence improves and the economy begins to lick its wounds. 

Finally, in the wise words of Eeyore: “The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.”

Get a head start...

Need help drawing the plans for your content strategy? We’re offering free mini analytics reviews and content idea generation for businesses who want to make sure they ‘surthrive’ during and after COVID-19. Ready to build a content strategy for the future? Email us at to request a review!