Unlock Your Crowd

role: branding and website design

discipline: brand strategy / design / website build



Catalyx is an innovative market research agency whose approach is a unique blend of expert consultancy coupled with cutting edge digital tools that allow it to deliver high-quality, granular research that can be conducted globally.

Catalyx hired ifour to help provide an edge in an extremely competitive market. The brief was to create a website that conveyed the transformational power of the tools and capabilities that enable large corporate clients to bring consumers from around the world into the heart of their businesses to innovate, improve and add insight to their products.


Our first task was to get to the heart of Catalyx’s offer. It is a young, hungry challenger brand full of energy and ideas. Through workshops and surveys, ifour’s strategists worked with the Catalyx team to refine its brand strategy and ensure the fully website supported it. Key user journey models and messaging were woven into Catalyx’s already well-developed content strategy.

Our design team developed iconography to accompany the ‘Catalyx people’, representative consumer types that immediately speak to the main stakeholders (market research professionals, senior marketers and research and development specialists) working in target organisations.


Once the strategic direction for the brand had been set, we developed the Catalyx branding to create an aesthetic and visual language that were brought together in new brand guidelines to support Catalyx’s key central message: consumer insight when you need it, how you need it.

The resulting site is slick, clean and, through clever use of parallax, literally sucks the visitor into Catalyx’s world. Consumer archetypes are authoritatively introduced and visitors are immediately acquainted with their concerns and preferences. The Catalyx ‘capabilities’ (bundles of market research tools specially configured to generate different kinds of insight) are represented by elegant icons, which, coupled with the consumer portraits, create a brand identity that is completely unique to Catalyx.


The website launched in February 2019, instantly causing a ripple in the industry. In its first three months, organic traffic leapt by 33.6%; the number of sessions rose by over 10% with a bounce rate of just 9%.

Catalyx Founder and Managing Director, Guy White, said, “ We have been really pleased with the creative and strategic direction that has come from our collaboration with ifour. They have helped us really think through who we are, what we stand for and what we do well. The company has grown at over 160 index compared to the previous year and the new creative direction is getting great praise.”