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unmask the threats inside your network

role: campaign, marketing, advertising, content strategy

discipline : strategy / design / digital

CyberAdapt's Skwiid campaign image


Cyber adAPT is a relatively new player in the crowded global cyber-security market. Rather than focusing on preventing inevitable cyber breaches, or scanning hardware, Cyber adAPTs ‘instant-on’ Sqwiid software analyses, identifies and quarantines malware threats coming into and moving across corporate networks. This unique approach had understandably gained support and interest from industry professionals but Cyber adAPT needed a way to ‘steepen the sides of the funnel’ and turn the awareness and interest into hot leads and paying clients. The Cyber adAPT team developed the iiluminate programme, a free, proof-of-concept trial for prospective customers and commissioned ifour to develop a campaign to communicate the concept and promote the free trials.

CyberAdapt's Skwiid campaign illustration


Research revealed that although the primary audience for the programme was the Chief Information Security Officer or CIO in target organisations there was a secondary and in many ways equally influential group with whom we needed to communicate: Chief Operating Officers and CFOs who, although not usually technical are acutely aware of the potential impact of cyber threats to their business’s reputation and bottom line.

Our strategy was to move away from emphasising iiluminate’s benefits in technical terms, steering clear of the ‘arms race’ that cyber security competitors were engaged in, stressing their technological prowess to audiences who might not understand or even care. Instead, we focused on telling the story of the impact that Cyber adAPT’s products would have for its clients.

CyberAdapt's Skwiid print advertisement


Swimming against the tide of ultra-techy design concepts used by competitors, we told the story of what the iiluminate programme would do for clients by using classic stories and fairytales with a twist. The concept is about empowering the hero of the story, the client, and equipping them with what they need to turn the tables on evil adversaries – a perfect metaphor for the Cyber AdAPT offer.

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The simplicity and clarity of the campaign’s message in print, online and social media generated significant industry interest in iiluminate trials. Cyber adAPT has since incorporated parts of the campaign into its business as usual marketing.

CyberAdapt's Skwiid campaign landing page