global leader in spend management technology

role: content strategy, positioning, development consulting, website

discipline: brand / strategy / design / digital


A wholly owned subsidiary of Visa, Fraedom is global company that works with around 200,000 organisations in almost 200 countries. It provides banking and corporate clients with a comprehensive platform to manage business spend and corporate card programmes.

ifour was initially engaged to revitalise the Fraedom brand image through discrete design commissions; the relationship quickly blossomed as Fraedom’s highly qualified but widely dispersed marketing team sought to project a consistent brand identity that worked across all territories.


Working with Fraedom’s Global Head of Marketing and Communications, we have focused relentlessly on the company’s credentials as the world’s leading provider of a fully integrated business spend platform. Over time, the propositions to banking partners and corporate clients have been teased apart to allow for more distinct and  targeted communications.



We have steadily evolved the confident brand identity that conveys a comprehensive understanding of the factors that optimise visibility and control for corporate clients and maximise the attractiveness of card programmes for banking partners. Websites, videos, press ads, marketing and event collateral and even the branding of office space across the globe have given Fraedom a polished, exciting identity that reflects its innovative product.


Fraedom’s branding has proved capable of performing well in all territories and has been has had a unifying effect on the global teams.