The world performs on Harlequin floors

role: campaign, marketing, advertising, content strategy

discipline : strategy / design / digital

Harlequin Hi-Shine advertising campaign


Harlequin Floors is the world leader in advanced technology floors for dance, performing arts, entertainment and display. Harlequin Floors’ experience and reputation are founded on the manufacture and supply of a range of hard-wearing and long-lasting portable and permanent sprung and vinyl floors.  Preferred by dancers and performers at the world’s leading venues, from the Royal Opera House, the Bolshoi Theatre, Paris Opera Ballet to the Sydney Opera House. Forty years after its creation, Harlequin remains as global leader in its field with offices in Europe, The Americas and Asia Pacific. Recently, Harlequin has begun to experience demand from the event and entertainment industries, particularly for Hi-Shine, its glamorous, portable, high gloss, easy to install vinyl product. Harlequin is keen to build and develop these new audiences.

Harlequin Hi-Shine advertising campaign A Harlequin Floors advertising campaign postcards


ifour created a campaign which would resonate with event and entertainment producers and set designers (e.g. TV, events, exhibitions, photography, fashion, film and retail). The campaign would a) increase market penetration b) raise brand awareness and c) extend the breadth and reach of Harlequin’s marketing capacity.

A Harlequin Floors facebook advertising campaign


ifour’s central concept ‘Time to shine’ implied that Harlequin Hi-Shine would help customers stand out professionally as a central part of a top quality production or event. A series of images featured Hi-Shine flooring as the star of an array of productions from photo shoots, catwalk shows and theatre, to TV studios, weddings, rock concerts, exhibition stands and shop window displays.

The multi-channel campaign was automated using SharpSpring. This enabled accurate tracking of leads generated by each channel and creative fine-tuning as it evolved. The campaign used press ads, direct mail, automated email, social media, PPC and google adwords to create a number of customer ‘touch points’. These funnelled audiences to a central landing page to find out more about Hi-Shine and Harlequin’s wider event floor range. By registering online, visitors received a copy of Harlequin’s Event Floor Guide.

A Harlequin Floors email campaign


The campaign achieved around 1.5million impressions within the target sectors, generating 2,700+ unique visitors to the landing page. Full impact is still unfolding, but the campaign has increased Harlequin’s visibility among target audiences, raised brand and product awareness and triggered new customer acquisition, including a substantial sale on the day the campaign went live. In addition the campaign has supported the integration of sales and marketing functions within Harlequin, road-tested new marketing approaches for the company and generated a bank of assets to enable the future promotion of Hi-Shine across Harlequin’s global markets.