are you missing something?

role: campaign, marketing, advertising, strategy, third party collaboration

discipline: strategy / brand / design / digital

awards: wirehive 100 winner, muse creative awards gold winner, cma best advertising campaign, drum network awards


Knauf is a leading multinational producer and supplier of building materials and constructions systems. In the UK the brand is synonymous with high-quality plasterboard. However, this level of awareness came with a challenge: how do you get your target audience to also see you as a manufacturer and supplier of a much broader range of innovative products and systems?

Knauf commissioned us as the lead creative agency to create and drive an engaging multi-channel campaign to raise awareness of its other categories of products to a broad audience of influencers, buyers and decision-makers.

Knauf's 'Are you missing something?' campaign by ifour


We led a multi-agency team that included new partners, construction sector specialists, PR and paid search specialists. Initial desk research for the project and in-depth discussions with the client revealed two key insights and these were used as the springboard for our creative and conjured a world where unsuspecting Knauf customers were confronted with breath-taking spectaculars and unmissable extravaganzas. All they needed to do to be part of the jamboree was (literally) look past the plasterboard.


We took a consumer-focused sensibility and applied it to a sector whose marketing can be slightly stuffy. We created and animated the spectacular set pieces and, with our partners, made a coordinated push through all available channels, driving traffic to the dedicated campaign site,

Press ads, paid search, remarketing, social media and email was supplemented by a stand out direct mailer and the introduction of a popular online game, Unmissables, which riffs on the central campaign idea of amazing events and happenings that should not be missed.


Knauf’s Are You Missing Something? campaign exceeded expectations in terms of brand awareness, and challenging the accepted norm for construction marketing paid dividends.

Animated PPC banners hit 300% of their CTR benchmark, while email click through rates were on average 80% higher than the UK construction marketing benchmarks, shared by MailChimp. The ‘Unmissables’ game was played by almost 2,000 individuals with 2.26 million impressions during July 2017.

The campaign also helped increase awareness and build a sense of pride within the organisation. The visual assets have since been printed and hang pride of place at Knauf’s UK headquarters in Sittingbourne, Kent and in its new Design Centre in Clerkenwell, London.

The campaign has also been a boost for Knauf’s standing among its peers and competitors by winning:

– Construction Marketing Awards (CMAs) 2017 – Best Use of Advertising
– Muse Creative Awards 2018 – Gold Award, Advertising Campaign
– Muse Creative Awards 2018 – Rose Gold Award, Integrated Marketing Campaign
– Wirehive 100 – Most emotionally engaging
– Wirehive 100 – Agency Team of the Year

Amrik Sanghera, Knauf Marketing Campaign Manager
“We needed an agency who understood the challenge and could deliver a campaign strategy and creative that caused disruption and captured our audience’s attention. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and the industry approach, to ensure that our exposure and cut-through was fully engaged by the target audience. ifour were perfectly placed to bring the campaign to life and meet the objectives.”

 Paul Chandler, Knauf Head of Marketing
“The campaign allowed Knauf to break through and communicate non-core products to new audiences. ifour considered the relevant channels available and maximised these through execution. Using a through-the-line approach (from direct mail and print to a microsite and emails), ifour understood the challenge of communicating to our various customer segments and provided a relevant solution.”

ifour's Wirehive 100 awards
Muse 2018 award
The ifour team at the CMA awards