pure benefits

employee benefits for ambitious companies

role: branding, website design, website development, user experience

discipline: brand / design / digital / strategy

awards: The Intermediary Innovation Award, Health Insurance Awards 2016


Pure Benefits is a new proposition in the employee benefits field, offering competitively priced benefits, usually only available to larger companies due to economies of scale, to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Benefits packages are frequently used to attract and retain the best staff and the Pure Benefits proposition helps ambitious companies keep and attract the best people to help them develop and grow. As a new proposition in the field, not only were Pure Benefits looking to attract market share from established, big-name incumbents but also to share the message that employee benefits are no longer the preserve of large corporations.


Benefits available to this audience had been limited and the complexities involved in purchasing them had been off-putting, so creating a strategy to ensure the positioning to be knowledgeable and approachable through the brand and messaging was central. Market and audience research steered the strategy and design to demonstrate understanding of the audiences from the first impression.



Clean, approachable colours and brand assets combine with bold messaging to communicate the key principles behind the Pure Benefits ethos, in a less corporate, engaging manner. This thread of accessibility also runs through the user experience and information architecture on the website and hard copy collateral such as leaflets, ensuring a consistent brand experience throughout each touch point. The brand and website both clearly demonstrate an understanding of smaller businesses and their specific requirements.


Pure Benefits has continued to grow and expand as a business, partnering up with Unum, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits providers, to offer an even wider range of benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises. The highly innovative nature of the business has also made a real impact in the employee benefits field and was recognised with the Intermediary Innovation Award in the 2016 Health Insurance Awards.

“Working with ifour is fantastic, our customers tell us that the Pure Benefits brand and website show an in-depth understanding of the needs of small businesses. ifour have invested the time and energy to understand us and we are always impressed with both the creativity and results, no matter what challenge we set.”
Stuart Gray, founder and chairman of Pure Benefits