one of those days

role: design, development & strategy

discipline: website / identity / strategy


The fastening industry as a whole was very much focussed on the individual products they offered and when TFC Ltd first approached ifour, their existing brand was, in their own words, “really quite dated”.  They were keen to stand out from their competitors and find a way to communicate the innovative nature of their products and possible applications.


To focus target customers on the cutting edge potential of their offering, a strategic review of printed literature and advertising was undertaken, alongside market research to understand their competitors and industries.This exploration informed creation of a brand that reflected their position as leaders in their field, highlighting their knowledge and experience, before being rolled out through social media channels, a new website and adverts. The mutual understanding between the marketing team and ifour meant we were able to make proactive suggestions at such as marketing activities, brand refreshes and social media updates to keep TFC at the forefront of customers minds.


A modern, clean brand with block colours and graphic representations of products was created that is flexible enough to adapt to needs of digital assets including a comprehensive website translated into English, German and Czech, social media skins and content and digital brochures. Hardcopy collateral such as brochures, exhibition stands, and print adverts are immediately identifiable and a marketing video and digitally lead marketing campaign to identify the pain points for clients take a more personal approach with engaging animations.


In the time that we worked with TFC brand awareness increased across their target audiences and they expanded their operations to include new locations both in the UK and Europe. On the most recent One of Those Days campaign, the campaign successfully generated quality leads as well as an excellent 1.45% overall click-through rate (CTR), as a guide, comparable UK campaigns usually average 0.4-0.7% CTR. It also generated 47,732 LinkedIn impressions and has raised brand awareness, with both existing and potential customers commenting on the stand out creative.