innovative cooling technology

role: video & motion graphics, digital marketing, website

discipline: brand / design / digital / strategy

awards: kent digital awards finalist


Following several years in development, Enviro-cool has developed a stylish range of V-Tex chillers, a ground-breaking luxury technology that perfectly cools drinks in a fraction of the time of traditional coolers and refrigerators. Enviro-cool initially approached ifour to discuss a website and brochure to support their pre-order waiting lists.


As a brand new product, we needed to understand not only the business strategy and the actual product but also the wider applications to fully appreciate how radical and disruptive this could be within the industry. As an entirely new category of product that bridges the utility of white goods and the convenience of smart tech with exciting hospitality and entertaining possibilities, creating a strategy to correctly position the brand and introduce it as a desirable gadget for home and work venues was key. Working closely with the founder, Kelvin, and the general manager, Craig, ifour researched the different opportunities and audiences to inform both the design and strategy moving forward.



A brand workshop, alongside market and competitor analysis, helped form the strategy behind the brand positioning.  With such an exciting new product, the brand needed to speak of the benefits to each audience, so a sleek, clean approach focuses on the luxurious nature of the offering. The website and product videos bring to life the modern, clean visuals with sophisticated movement. To support this activity, ifour managed social media interactions and answered questions arising from the upcoming manufacture of the product in the initial phases before handing it back to the client.


The V-Tex brand projects the luxurious, innovative nature of the range with aspirational imagery and a cool, sophisticated look. The pre-launch marketing tools continue to generate interest globally,  introducing the proposition to both consumer and business audiences in the form of press, tv and social media content. The website offers a clear journey for each item in the product range, tailored to the appropriate audiences and there continues to be a growing sense of excitement around V-Tex chillers.