accelerating the self-driving revolution

role: branding development, brand guidelines, website, content writing

discipline: brand / design / digital / strategy

url: www.zenzic.io

Zenzic - Accelerating the self-driving revolution. Branding on a photo of a road bisecting a forest


Zenzic is a brand at the forefront of connected and self-driving vehicles. A government-funded company, Zenzic is an independent facilitator for the research and development of connected and autonomous mobility (CAM) in the UK. This independence allows Zenzic to unite industry, government and academia to champion the UK as a world-leading testing environment.

Zenzic was rebranding from Meridian. Fresh from a new round of funding, they have big targets and an exciting future, leading the UK in the connected and autonomous mobility industry. But their new branding was yet to be implemented, and their site lacked the excitement and energy of the brand itself. Plus it was very thin on content: the site was very unclear on what Zenzic did and who they were.

The challenge was to do justice to the new branding with a fresh, exciting website that clearly explained a complicated subject to a varied audience (and varying levels of industry knowledge). Within three months. Needless to say, we set to work.

Zenzic branding images


We began with an ifour keystone – a discovery workshop. Understanding the drivers for this website was crucial before any sketching could begin. Once we had grappled out our audiences, objectives and understanding of the industry and Zenzic’s role therein, the creative juices could flow free.

We got together to dissect the brand, develop key messaging and rigour-test the Zenzic value proposition. We then utilised these insights to work out how this needed to be reflected in the site’s design, build, and content strategies.

Zenzic brochure
Zenzic brochure
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Zenzic guidelines


Development began on the new branding, before being designed into a website that would engage and inform. Our aim was to clearly and engagingly explain this topic with the use of animation, interactive slider, graphical maps and icons.

Working with the Zenzic team, together we rewrote and populated the new site, writing the website to explain Zenzic’s role as enabler and facilitator. Each test centre was given its own page, while we showcased Zenzic’s brand personality in a detailed About us section, including an impassioned Mission page, and a Partners page that highlights every one of Zenzic’s 40-odd partners while being legible and attractive across devices.

The key mission for this site is for it to be ever-evolving. The next phases of work will be to graduate the website from hub to workshop, allowing users to log in to view projects and whitepapers. The aim is to focus on building a collaborative community around CAM, by gathering contact data for marketing and information-sharing.

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Zenzic’s new brand has been sharply and elegantly implemented on a website that’s both interactive and informative, while remaining pleasingly simple. Fluff is not the Zenzic way, and we think the final result reflects the brand’s passion and purpose, while achieving a sense of modernity and forward-thinking, not just for the sake of it, but as part of this brand’s continual development.

The site puts Zenzic in a good place to present their online content offering, with updated competition pages and insights. The site also paths the way to developing an ever-more interactive website for their users.

At the time of writing, the new site has been live for under two months, and although it’s early doors, the year on year results look very promising. The site has begun to pick up organic rankings for the new brand terms, while user engagement on site has dramatically improved when compared to the same time period last year.

Nick O’Connor, marketing and communications director of Zenzic, said “We are absolutely delighted with our new website, and relieved to have a site we can be proud of – that reflects our ethos. Our traffic has doubled, without any increase in other activity, and in the weeks since launch, the total time on site has tripled, compared to our old website.”

 “Post launch, we’ve received 30 times as many enquiries via the website, and subscriptions to our newsletter are flourishing.”

 “The crowning piece of feedback we’ve received has to be from one of our partners, who said comparing our old site to our new site is like ‘night and day’. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

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