Proudly working with Kent County Council's legal services firm Invicta Law


As an agency on the Kent County Council creative framework, we are proud to have been selected as creative partner to the innovative new legal services firm, Invicta Law.

Previously Kent Legal Services, the company was Kent County Council’s award-winning in-house legal department. Re-christened Invicta Law, it is being spun out into a freestanding, independent law firm, wholly owned by the Council.

The company has an ambitious strategy for growth and is spearheading the way legal services are provided. We are excited to have been commissioned to lead a full re-branding process, including naming, branding, brand strategy, website, designing corporate and marketing collateral and the creation and planning of the launch campaign.

We are loving this project and have developed a strong partnership with the Invicta Law team. As well as working with the leadership team, we have led workshops with the wider team to pick their brains, get their input and make sure that the new brand’s core messages are fully understood.

It has been a fantastic opportunity to create a full identity from first principles and help to highlight the company’s approachable, customer focused style of providing expert legal advice to the public and commercial sectors. 

Invicta Law is committed to being a fully digital business and not just a law firm that uses technology. Part of our mission is to reflect this approach in the new website and marketing, removing barriers and making legal services more accessible to all of Invicta’s clients.

The full launch of the new company is scheduled for Spring 2017, so watch this space!