Responsive pumpkin web design


Its not just websites we design here at ifour. Every once in a while, we like to flex our creative muscles on a different sort of challenge. Like everything we do, this year our pumpkins project had plenty of thought applied and, inspired by some our latest web projects, Melissa decided to turn her hand to ‘responsive’ pumpkin design. After  hand carving the three different sized pumpkins with a mobile, tablet and desktop computer, we are thrilled that they have garnered quite a bit of interest, locally appearing in the Kent and Sussex Courier both online and in print as well as on the Guardian’s round up of pumpkin carving escapades alongside a variety of traditional and funkier pumpkins from around the country.

So, no matter how unusual it may be, if you have a design project, be it a website or something completely different, why not email the studio at, or call us on 01892 541111 or visit us in our design agency in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.