Rock for a rock - The art of connection


Are you aware that there is a new craze sweeping the nation? Have you seen little painted rocks popping up in your local area?

Rock painting is rapidly becoming popular with adults and children as they play the game of finding and rehiding these little rocks of joy.

At ifour we love to jump on the bandwagon of a quirky new craze and given this is all about being creative we couldn’t let this one pass without getting on board.

The idea of the game is to decorate a rock (not from the beach, this is illegal), hide the rock and wait for someone to find it and post an image up on the relevant local rock hiding group on social media. They then rehide the rock in a location of their choosing. There is a large UK Rocks facebook group and people have been setting up smaller county or town groups to encourage more neighbourhood connections. It’s a great way of getting out and about in the fresh air and unleashing your creative side, whatever your age.

Originating in America as the Kindness Rocks Project, Megan Murphy started writing messages on rocks to uplift other people who were also contemplating life. A great concept to spark joy and creativity around the globe and use social media for something positive.

Our take on this will be to hide a small number of rocks around Tunbridge Wells and encourage the finder to bring the rock back into us to swap their rock for a tasty rock treat. Given our brand colour is bright yellow they shouldn’t be too hard to find. The next bit of fun is seeing which of our characters will be found, will it be the proud peacock, the bear, the monkey or one of the other fun animals.

Not only is this a bit of fun for local residents but also a brand awareness exercise for the agency whilst giving us the opportunity to engage with people that were not necessarily aware of ifour and the services we provide. Our rocks feature the hashtag #kentrocks and encourage the finder to post their picture in Kent Rocks facebook group which currently has over 2000 members.

Why not have a go at painting your own designs. All you need is some paint/permanent markers and some varnish so it can survive all weathers. Let your imagination run wild and your design will no doubt make someone’s day.

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