Save the Date: Ifour on the speaker circuit again


In collaboration with Sleeping Giant Media, ifour are back on the speaker circuit at the next GiantTalks. This first event of 2016 is to be held at the Kent Invicta Chamber in Ashford on Thursday 25th February.

The theme is on ‘Local Digital Marketing – How Global is Local’ and the day begins at 8.30am with some coffee and informal networking, and finishes at 12.30pm. The talk will be chaired by compere Bryan Hall from Kent Invicta Chamber.

The exclusive speaker line up includes:

Damon McCollin-Moore from ifour

Steve Hamilton from KM Digital Solutions

Linda Cloke from WeDoSocialMedia

Luke Quilter from Sleeping Giant Media.

First up is ifour’s Damon, explaining ‘Brand Strategy – What’s That When It’s At Home?’ looking at how you can go about optimising your brand and marketing strategy for the local market.

Next up will be Steve Hamilton, Head of Commercial Digital for KM Digital Solutions, giving a talk on ‘Don't Underestimate Local Media in Your Marketing Plan!’, speaking about how life is truly local, even in this digital world!

Linda Cloke from WeDoSocialMedia will be explaining ‘Leveraging Social Media to Boost your Local Sales’, covering the tools to use on each of the platforms to search and interact with local people.  

Last but certainly not least is Luke Quilter, Managing Director of Sleeping Giant Media, will be discussing ‘How to Optimise For Local Search Marketing’, and will cover how best to plan your digital marketing including:

  • Optimising your website and PPC
  • What should you be focusing on to make sure your clients see you locally and nationally?
  • How does this approach differ from a wider focus and how this ties in to a wider strategy for larger businesses?
  • Tools you can use to manage the process more effectively, and what has changed in digital marketing that can affect your efforts.

After an engaging and educating morning of information download there will be the opportunity to network with like-minded business and share your thoughts on the morning’s discussions.

This is FREE to attend so please do ensure your space by booking here and we look forward to seeing you there.