SEO it’s all about the content


Your company website is your sales team that never sleeps or takes a day off. But with more than 14 billion web pages online at the latest count, how can you make sure yours gets found? It's all about the content.

There's so much more to it than creating a simple web page and hoping people will find it. Google dominates the search engine market (with 91% of all UK searches Googled) and where you come in their results shows you whether your website is working for you or not. If you're up on the first or second page, you'll be ready to catch new business. But if you're hidden away on page one hundred and forty three, no one is ever going to find you.

Getting on Google's good side

How Google ranks websites changes a lot but what you can always rely on is that it will look at the content you’ve written and decide how relevant it is. For example, if you are an accountant, yet you only mention the words "tax planning" on the first page of your site, then Google will not realise that you are in fact offering full accountancy services.

However, just repeating "accountants, accountants, accountants" over and over again, aka as keyword stuffing, still won't receive high search engine rankings. In fact, it won’t like you at all if you do that! Search engines are fastidious things – you can't con them into thinking that your site is more relevant than the next. You actually have to work at it and craft the copy to make them understand that your site is the real deal, and make sure that you add new and relevant content all the time as the last place it wants to send people is to a site where nothing new happens.

The importance of good content

A good SEO writer will take the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your website, and will help push you up in online searches, to create great content, using those keywords creatively so that they fit right in with the rest of the copy rather than seeming like they’ve been shoehorned in there. We’ve all seen it done and this is a particularly good example of how not to write SEO copy.

The importance of good copy can be seriously underestimated in the business world. No matter what form of marketing communications you are using, if the message isn't exactly right then you won't attract new business and you'll struggle to keep existing clients.

This is where creative copywriters and design agencies come in. Professional copywriters excel in catching the public's attention with memorable messages that will spark positive reactions. To make your website work, you need to deliver regular content that packs a punch, and incorporates the SEO phrases at the same time – and there's a real art to doing that. Good copy can never come second to optimisation. Both need to work hand in hand, together.

Working with a creative design agency that uses expert copywriters you can create feature articles, blogs, slideshares and infographics for your site that will link into your business' core aims, and attract readers who may never have heard of you to your website.

Push your site up

There is of course more to the SEO process than just well written copy, but without it your site can fail miserably. A good creative design company will ensure that your website is perfectly built for SEO. They'll create code that is search engine friendly. They will help you work your way through Google campaigns. And they'll use creative copywriters to get your messages across to potential customers, seamlessly.

With SEO content that works, you'll soon find that your website is topping the search engine pages, making it easily visible and generating new leads. Find out how you can make your site work, contact ifour design agency on 01892 541111 or visit our design agency studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.